The Calderdale Pulmonary Rehabilitation service provides an exercise and education service for Calderdale Patients with a diagnosed lung condition - and singing sessions are helping their patients.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an evidence based treatment  programme for breathlessness associated with a long term respiratory condition such as COPD, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, and Interstitial Lung Diseases.

An important part of the course is education. A jewel in the service's crown is the long standing relationship that it has with the local "Singing for Lung Health" group ran by Emma Baylin (Founder and Director of Shared Harmonies), who has provided singing sessions for the Pulmonary Rehabilitation service for the last 4 years.

Emma is specially trained by the British Lung Foundation to perform singing for breathing classes and there is an increasing evidence base that singing helps with a patient's health status and improves social interaction for patients with breathlessness associated with long term respiratory conditions.

Many of the patients who complete the pulmonary rehabilitation course go on to join Emma's regular Monday afternoon group that runs in the same venue as the pulmonary rehabilitation group. This has demonstrated some good outcomes for patients and patients continue to feel better by attending the singing for lung health sessions.

James Lendon, Clinical Lead Respiratory Physiotherapist said "I feel that we have a special relationship with Emma and our patients have benefitted from her input into our course over the years. This shows how working with local community groups can benefit our patient population as they continue to maintain their well being after our input has finished. The ability for our patients to smoothly progress from our taster session to Emma's group continues to provide patients with health benefits and social interaction, while using a different approach to managing their breathlessness".