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My screening saved my life. Don't miss yours! Ashwin's story.

Having turned 55 our Gastroenterology Consultant Dr Ashwin Verma was sent his invitation to have a bowel scope as part of the UK's national screening campaign.

He attended the 20 minute appointment at endoscopy at HRI.... and it saved his life.

Now he's urging everyone including all colleagues not to miss theirs because the impact could have very serious consequences.

He has spoken frankly on video about the whole experience from the start when he received the invitation to the end of the process, and thanks colleagues for being superb throughout.

He admits: “It saved my life" and urges everyone: “Don’t miss yours!!

Watch Ashwin here.

Kath Thorpe, our Bowel cancer Screening Programme Manager said everyone should take up their invitations and thanked Ashwin.  Our Trust carries out 80 screens a week.

Kath said: “It is brilliant for the service that Ashwin is speaking out. Not everyone takes up the offer - even some clinicians don't - and it can save your life." 


Prevention through Screening

Did you know...?

  • All men and women in England are offered a bowel screening every two years between the ages of 55 and 75. 
  • The test is designed to ensure that bowel cancer, which affects around one in 20 people in their lifetime, can be spotted early and treated as easily and effectively as possible.
  • Although 95% of patients receive a normal result (meaning either very few or no polyps at all are found), around 5% of those who go for a test will be asked to return for a follow-up colonoscopy so it is important that everyone who is offered a screening attends.

Public information about bowel cancer screening is available on the NHS website. Members of the public can call the free bowel cancer screening helpline on 0800 707 60 60.

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