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First in the region! AI bringing faster brain clot diagnosis!

Our Radiology Team are celebrating as they're the first in the region to use new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in acute stroke imaging to provide faster, more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions for stroke patients.

Stroke or “brain attack” remains the second highest cause of death worldwide and is a major cause of disability.

More than a third of acute ischaemic strokes are caused by a clot known as a large artery occlusion. 

Removing the clot as quickly as possible helps restore blood flow and minimize tissue damage, and the whole process is highly dependent on brain imaging.

We’re doing this using a new treatment called Mechanical thrombectomy, which is performed by Neuro interventional Radiologists.

Consultant Neuroradiologist, Dr Shalini Nandish (pictured sixth from right), said: We are delighted to embrace this new technology into our Neuroradiology practice and lead the way in the entire region.

“We are one of the very few Trusts in the country to perform advanced imaging such as CT brain perfusion and first in the region to have gone live with the new AI technology.

"With the help of our new AI software, within minutes, we can map cerebral blood flow which in turn determines if the brain tissue is irreversibly damaged or potentially salvageable, and the software allows clinicians to make faster, more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions for stroke patients. (see below for images created by the software).

“It will redefine our stroke care and we expect more of our acute stroke patients to benefit from highly specialized treatment option with good outcomes.

“I’d like to thank the many people who have been involved in supporting the process, including Medtronics Company, Leeds neuroradiology team and our Team Leads.

“My special thanks to Mark Williams from PACS office, Karen Hobson and Tracy Parry from CT who have worked very closely with me and have been very patient with my regular emails!”

Radiology's Clinical Director, Dr Nikhil Bhuskute (pictured left of Shalini), said: "Radiology has played a key role in our stroke service and our fantastic SSNAP data. This new development is a showcase of our continued collaborative, dedicated and passionate team work!"

And CT Team Lead at CRH, Karen Hobson (right of Shalini), added "It is a very exciting time to work in CT and be part of such ground breaking AI technology.

"As always, the CT team have embraced robust training to make sure this complex CT protocol can be carried out efficiently and effectively, with emphasis on patient care and dignity.

"We have also worked collaboratively alongside Radiographer colleagues in Leeds, as well as Interventional Neuroradiologist, Dr Tony Goddard (7th from left) and we really value and appreciate their support and enthusiasm as we've worked together on the project."


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