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Coronavirus update.


Here's the current weekly round-up of key  operational updates for colleagues. 

This is a rapidly changing situation - often on a day-by-day basis, - so please make the intranet  your place to go as that is where all the very latest updates are stored*. Public Health England will be updating the  position at 2 pm today as they do on a daily basis. 

This week's main changes are below and are all found on the infection prevention pages 

SOP amended

For patients needing admission or risk assessment in ED. Includes swab guidance 

Antiobiotics change

Trust guidelines for Community-acquired pneumonia have changed in light of COVID-19

Changes to personal protective equipment (PPE)

Different personal protective equipment (PPE) and mask and respirator combinations are being recommended now for different clinical scenarios and settings, so you need to make sure you are fully up-to-date.

Keeping track of our hand gel - and don't forget handwashing is just as effective.

We are trying to reserve stocks of our alcogel handpumps to support our colleagues in community who do not have access to wall dispensers. More wall mounted dispensers are being installed and visitors should be encouraged to use them or soap and water when visiting patients. Handpump dispensers are available for clinical situations, though for now will not be stored at the end of beds.

Travellers returning from Italy

The whole of Italy is now classed as a category1 area, with slightly different guidance whether returning from previously locked-down areas. 

Fit testing sessions

Dates for fit testing sessions are being advertised on the intranet. Each session takes 30 minutes and must be booked in advance to help wiith planning.

Official posters

Catch it Bin it Kill it and all Government Coronavirus posters are available to download.

New NHS video

A video has been produced which is being shared on social media answering some of the most common questions. Whilst public facing, it will also be useful for colleagues. Click here to watch it.

*we've not added links to documents in case they change over  the coming days/weeks and end up out of date.

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