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CHuFT Awards 2020: keep the nominations coming.

It's only been open a week so a big thank-you to all colleagues who are so CHuFT to bits they've entered our new-look awards for 2020.

Despite all the extra pressures right now, we've already received completed entries for all the categories and we know some colleagues have started their nomination and have yet to complete them.

So it's been an exciting first week and we look forward to many more coming in!

The categories are:

  • Four Pillars Team of The Year 
  • The Leadership Award
  • Rising Superstar
  • Clinical Service Superstar
  • Support Service Superstar
  • GEM (Going The Extra Mile)

We know it's an extra busy time so we really appreciate your involvement in our new-look colleagues awards which culminates in our Awards and Do on Thursday July 2 at The Arches, Dean Clough, Halifax.

This is your opportunity to shout about something you are CHuFT about, or celebrate something a colleague has done. If you have already used the CHuFT button (next to the Ask Owen button) on the intranet, you may want to enter your submission as a nomination into the CHuFT Awards 2020.

The nominations window is open until April 17th to give everyone the chance to say why their colleagues make them CHuFT to bits. Nominate them or finish your application here.

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