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Nursing's 'rewarding, challenging and fun!' Hear from Joanne Wright

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Joanne Wright is a staff nurse on Day Surgery at HRI and has been nursing for 38 years. She's our latest colleague to feature in our 2020 Year of the Nurse and Midwife Campaign. 

Why did you become a nurse?

I always wanted to be a nurse from being small. I really loved the idea of being able to look after people, care for them and hopefully get them better. Thankfully my childhood dreams became a reality and I have now been nursing for 38 years.

Why is nursing the best career?

When I was 10 it is the only thing I wanted to do and it still is. It's hard work but very rewarding. People in general are grateful for what you do and it makes me feel proud that I have been able to give good patient care. Positive feedback is essential to make you feel worthwhile. To work for so long for this health authority means they are obviously doing things right for me to stay.

Sum up nursing in 3 words?

Rewarding, challenging, fun

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