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(Super) Star Award for Tracey O'Keefe. "We'd be lost without her"

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Tracey O'Keefe's Star Award should be renamed say her team. She's not just a Star...she's a Super Star for them as well as her patients.

She got an amazing three nominations in praise of everything she does for her District Nursing Team team at Allan House, Sowerby Bridge and for her patients.

She's descibed as "amazing" and a leader who really cares for everyone around her.

It's fair to say Tracey was shocked when she walked into an office with Owen and her colleagues. "I can't believe it and can't thank my team enough - I'm totally overwhelmed. I work with an amazing team and have a brilliant clinical manager. 

"We're very much a family here at Allan House - we work hard and always try to have fun every day at work."

Tracey started her career on the old Medical Assessment Unit at the old Halifax General before the move to CRH, and Bev Walker (our current Director of Operations for Urgent Care and Community Heathcare was her first ward manager at the time.

One occasion involving a palliative care patient was mentioned in her Star Award nomination.

Louise Crowther, writes: " Tracey had attempted to contact the gentleman by phone but he had not answered. Tracey got the famous nursing gut instinct that something was amiss and contacted me for assistance in going to see him.

"On arrival we could not get into the gentleman's flat and we had to go to a letting agent  for a key. Tracey was quick to get in the car and off we went! En route we rang our team and reallocated some visits in order to dedicate some time to getting in to the patient. 

Tracey has ensured she is well equipped for caring for palliative patients as she has had hospice training to be  a palliative care champion and she was able to get an admission to the appropriate ward, much to the patient's relief.

She reassured the patient and sat with him until the ambulance came and ensured he was safe and he is now being cared for in residential care.

Louise adds: " The course of action by Tracey saved the man from being unsafe and frightened at home, alone. "

Emily Storry,  said: " Tracey is an amazing manager, always going above and beyond for both her team and her patients.  As a new starter to the team, Tracey has made me feel part of the team and so supported. Even ringing me on my first weekend working alone to ensure that I was okay, despite it being her weekend off. Tracey is always the first one in and always the last one to leave, taking on extra visits to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. Tracey is just an amazing person and an even more amazing district nurse and we would all be lost without her. 

Louise added:  "Tracey  is a passionate leader who inspires our team to be the best we can be and  encourages staff to work to their strengths and be the best version of themselves. She clearly cares for her team, she ensures we ALWAYS come together at lunch and take a break. She is always on hand, even on her days off for advice and support and goes above and beyond in both a professional and personal capacity. 

" Although the nature of the district nursing role carries a large managerial aspect she goes and sees her patients, she knows exactly what is going on with each and every one of them. Tracey advocates passionately for her patients, is courageous and  doesn't shy away from difficult conversations in order to get the best outcomes for those in her care. 

Amy  Walton said : "I started in this team as a trainee nursing associate in June 2018 and from day one Tracey has been so supportive and given me so many opportunities to enhance my skills. I recently lost my dad and she kept in contact to make sure I was ok and if there is anything she could do to help. she helped me through a tough time.

"She is an amazing person who looks out for all the team. She is caring and compassionate and this shows in every aspect of her life. She is amazing with the patients and their families always putting them first and she goes above and beyond to maintain their safety and to provide the best care possible. She is a super star! 


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