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Coronavirus....very latest today.

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There are currently two confirmed cases in England - out of more than 400 tested. The two are being treated in a Newcastle specialist isolation unit.

Our intranet homepage has a banner which takes colleagues to the infection prevention intranet page where all the latest clinical infromation is, plus a link to updates (daily at 2pm by the Dept of Health) on Coronavirus. Here’s a summary of the latest key developments

  • Testing guidance for CHFT

If a patient presents to ED and fits the current Public Health England case definition for the novel coronavirus (check out the Public Health England flowchart here) then contact a microbiologist via switchboard. They will discuss with the local Infectious Disease unit in Leeds to confirm where the patient is to be tested and/or admitted. 

  • How you can keep safe

Hand hygiene first and foremost prevents spread. Always wash thoroughly at all required patient care points. If assessing a suspected patient, ensure appropriate personal protective equipment is worn including an FFP3 mask (see below)

  • FFP3 Masks

Please ensure you have been properly fitted for a FFP3  mask. An incorrect fit makes them less safe. We have a list of  FIT testers here.

For all the information we have on the coronavirus to-date cliick here.

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