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CHFT's Summer of 2019: Wimbledon, trollies and lollies roundup.

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Game for a laugh!

Our tennis-themed roadshow has been a right hoot this week as Wimbledon kicked-off.

It visited THIS HQ in Brighouse - (all our sites will get a visit***) - where Assistant Director, Rob Birkett and Service Desk Analyst Fehzan Alam braved a barrage of balls.

So far the best efforts have led to a draw between Fehzan and our Charity Fundraiser Emma Kovaleski, with Service Desk Analyst Aaron Cresswell a close third. Fehzan and Emma both managed to bin 22 balls in a minute - see the table below for the current standings.  Our Chair Philip Lewer started it all off and more than 100 colleagues have taken part. The challenge is to get as many balls in a basket in a minute -  as supplied by our ace colleague engagement team Sam Lindl, Charlotte Collinson and Anya Macbeth.

To see the best of the daily action follow @CHFTTheCupboard on Twitter. There's also a prize on offer for the 500th follower. The team will be posting a tonne of engagement stuff over summer and beyond. Their motto is One Culture of Care: because we care for each other in the same way as we care for our patients 

** Our Guess the (f)Ace competition is also happening throughout Wimbledon. Over the fortnight there will be 40 faces hidden behind a John McEnroe mask. There's a prize for whoever guess the most faces.This competition is open on Twitter.

** We've also some comedy photos through the specially created selfie frames - see below -  even Deputy Director of Workforce and Organisational Development, Jason Eddleston got into the swing (see right of photo).

** We've the odd "grunter" in honour of Mr Angry John McEnroe. You'll see more on The Cupboard Twitter account above.

** Our teams have also enjoyed strawberry and cream lollies. ED sent their thanks. See below.

** Tomorrow our Tea Trolley will be doing the rounds at both hospitals and a "mobile" trolley as Emma who will visiting our community sites to promote our new Trust Charitable Fund (more to follow!).

*** If it's easier for the engagement team to come along to your ward or department at an allotted time so more people can get involved, please contact them to arrange a time. Email


As temperatures soared last weekend, CHFT served up a soother-on-a-stick to patients and staff alike. In the hottest temperatures of the year so far, we served up about 1500 ice cream and orange lollies. 

Managing Director of CHS Ltd, Lesley Hill, said: "It got to about 29 degrees outside and they were well-received. And, if it happens again, hopefully we can do it again."

They were funded by CHFT and Calderdale and Huddersfield Solutions Ltd.

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