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Walt a good idea! Karen's sharing the Disney way with CHFT colleagues

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Matron Karen Melling has been out and about delivering her "Patient Experience the Disney Way" presentation to colleagues in the surgical division and the feedback has been great.

Karen, said: "Some great discussions were generated regarding patient experience and how we can all make a difference even in the smallest of ways. We hope the division's patient experience champions will get involved in delivering the presentation to spread a few simple messages which can often make a big difference to patients, relatives and visitors.

Matron Qusva Ilyas was there and said "What an inspirational and refreshing presentation. How nice is it to be reminded of the basics, and remind us of why we do the job that we do and that we must always be caring compassionate and kind. I thoroughly enjoyed it and want to attend again!" 

Karen would be happy to come along and talk about the principles of the presentation, or help deliver it. So get in touch with her if you'd like to know more. 

Her passion for the topic came when she and ward manager Fran Howland heard how core customer service principles used by Disney can be transferred into a hospital setting.

Karen, said: “As we sat there I was wondering how we could apply what I was hearing into our hospital setting. We learned that the principles are all the same in every single Disney setting, whether it’s one of their shops in Japan or at Disneyland in Florida.

“So I thought if they can do the same worldwide,  then maybe it could maybe transfer to patient experience at CHFT”.

A couple of the principles really hit home with Karen:

  1. If not me, who? It’s all about personal responsibility. Put simply - if you know you can do something for someone then do it – don’t pass it on to someone else
  2. The size 10 rule – which is about openness. If you are 10 feet away from someone – smile at them. If you are five feet away then say hi or introduce yourself


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