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Could former wet-Tshirt winner Mandy be Chief Information Officer of the Year? Find out how to vote for her.

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Our Mandy Griffin is in the running to be Digital Health's Chief Information Officer of the Year.  She was put forward for her “unrelenting” vision for digitisation which has seen CHFT ranked joint first in the Clinical Digital Maturity Index. She has two rival contenders from Newcastle and Birmingham.

She needs online voting support so give her yours here and let's get her another win - to add to her comedy win aged 25 despite being a 34AA!. (see last question)

Here's more about her.

Hello My Name Is...Mandy Griffin

This is my 10th year working for the NHS and I have never looked back! Having left Marks and Spencer after 27 years which included 20 years as a Senior Manager. Not only did I find a great new job I actually found a great new husband too! Someone who I had a great deal in common with especially when it comes to running, walking and the great outdoors we also share a bit of a passion for real ale too.  I have two very beautiful daughters who I am very proud of neither have followed in my footsteps as they have chosen careers in performing arts, teaching and performing as dancers with various acting roles, I would like to say they got it from me but gymnastics was my thing, not dancing although there is some common ground all three of us could do the splits!.  Until just recently my daughters and husband proudly featured as my screen saver on my iPhone but on March 2nd this year we made a new addition to our family the lovely Bing!  Commonly known as an Airedale Terrier/ Bingley Terrier who is now sitting pretty as my screensaver. (He's very cute. See below).

What is your position?  

Managing Director - Digital Health

Summarise your career background

I worked for M&S for 27 years. I started as a part-time shelf filler and was eventually recruited onto the graduate programme scheme as a Financial Manager. After  5 years I moved into a commercial role and eventually ended up as store Manager in Harrogate taking with a annual turnover of £50m and a workforce of 340 staff. I joined the NHS in 2009 as Chief Operating officer for The Health Informatics Service promoting and enhancing service excellence with a focus on business growth. In 2015 I approached by the lovely Owen to act as interim Director of Informatics for the trust and THIS, I eagerly accepted as at this point our digital journey was about to accelerate! After two years my post was reviewed and I was appointed as Managing Director of Digital Health. I suppose I had earned my stripes leading the largest and most successful EPR deployment in Europe. It has been crazy but fun! I have even found time to acquire an MSc in Health Informatics studying part time at Leeds University from 2012-2015

What is the highlight of your career so far?

I have so many positive moments in my career it’s difficult to answer this question. I suppose getting the Job as Chief Operating Officer for THIS as it has such an amazing impact on all of my life and career in an extremely amazing way

Sum up your role in three words

Challenging – exciting – fun!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A PE teacher. I was always good at sport.  I am very competitive. I just didn’t get the grades

Who is your hero/heroine and why?
My Mum – she sadly passed away at the age of 42 but she made me who I am.  She was strong, funny and albeit short she had a real zest for life.

When you are not at work, how do you relax?
Walk. We have walked many of the classic long-distance walks including back-packing the coast to coast in 11.5 days all 192 miles

What is your favourite place?

North Yorkshire - a little town in Bentham where we own a small holiday home.  I have so many happy memories lots of fantastic walks and its where I do most of my relaxing.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

Not sure really! I won a wet t/shirt competition at the age of 25. I am not sure why as I was a 34AA! – ( Mandy wondered if this was publishable but Comms reckon every win's a win!)  


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