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Welcome back Mrs Wootton! Becky's team's comedy name reminder sign after her wedding

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Rebecca Wootton's just getting used to not being Rebecca Johnson - and to help her out with her married name her team came to the rescue.

When she came back from holiday her desk in Health Informatics at Oak House had acquired a plaque - see attached photo.

Becky here shares memories of her fab wedding day and the excellent team she returned to.

Highlight of the day?

I had two highlights for the day, 1st was at the beginning when I walked down the aisle and saw Danny and 2nd was at the end on our last slow dance. Marrying my best friend was everything I had imagined as a little girl and more and these two moment started and ended the day perfectly for me.

Did you cry?

No and I was so shocked but proud of myself! I cry at everything and we had all spoke before about how I was going to have to be careful with my makeup. I felt very nervous before but my niece who was my flower girl kept me talking and busy and then when I walked down the aisle and saw Danny I just knew everything was ok.

First dance and why?

Coldplay- Sky full of stars. Me and Danny admit ourselves we can’t dance, and the thought of everyone watching us fumbling through swaying on the spot filled us with dread. So we opted for something we could ask people to join in with. We wanted to have that little moment together so the opening for this song was perfect to provide that, and then at the chorus the beat comes into it and allowed us to ask everyone to join in dancing regardless of if they had a partner or not with them and it was a lovely moment shared with everyone dear to us. We love Coldplay and Its been played on the radio since, even on our Honeymoon in Florida when we were sat in the rainforest café, and its lovely to be taken back to that moment at random points in life.

How’s it being a Mrs back at work?

Coming back to work was a thud as I had taken quite a few days leave around the wedding and for the honeymoon but my team were excellent and guided me back into reality. I’m fortunate to work with my best friend Bryde Town and she bought me a lovely plaque for my desk. It has actually been really useful though as I’ve spent the last 28 years referred to as Rebecca Johnson so I’m struggling to get into the habit of saying Wootton (pronounced wut-on) on the phone and that’s a nice reminder.

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