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In a league of our own!. Rate our benefits at our next Hothouse - June 7.

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CHFT is proud of the range of benefits and rewards we offer to all colleagues working here.

Yet we know some of them have been around for some time and maybe there could be some which colleagues would find more relevant and prefer.

So we are inviting you to draw up a Cupboard "League Table" of benefits so we know which is your most popular amongst colleagues.... and which could be facing relegation and replaced.

You can share your views and help to decide on the range of CHFT offerings by coming along to our next Hot House event on Friday June 7 (2-4 pm) at HRI Learning Centre.

Deputy Director of Workforce, Jason Eddleston, said: “ This is the chance CHFT colleagues can have to rate what we, as an employer, offer as benefits for working here.  There’s a wide range covering everything from cars to computers and we would like your views on what is on offer. This Hot House will also look at how we recognise, for example through our long service awards, the contribution our people make. It’s very much all about your input so please come along and share your views.”

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