CHFT can be celebrating as today we're sitting on top of the country's Trust digitalisation league.

We're above all the other 154 trusts in the table and it's a terrific achievement in such a short time, reflecting real hard work and commitment from everyone here. (The full list is attached)

After all, it's just two years this weekend since we switched to EPR and since then we've rapidly digitalised.

So we're in top slot (due to an alphabetical advantage, admittedly) having been below 100th place in 2017 in the league table officially called the Clinical Digital Maturity Index. (CDMI)

Our Chief Clinical Information Officer, surgeon Graham Walsh, likened our achievement to Leicester winning the Premier League when they started the season  as outsiders on odds of 5,000-1.

He said: ‘This national accolade recognises the hard work and dedication of everyone here at the Trust to help us deliver this near impossible achievement.

"This weekend marks two years from going live with our EPR. At this time we sat outside the top 100 in the digital league. Our rise to the top in such a short period of time can be something everyone here should be immensely proud of and can be assured that this achievement is looked at with envy by not only other trusts in the UK but also healthcare providers across the world.  We have become the Leicester City’s of healthcare!!"

Chief Nurse Information Officer Carol Gregson, said  CHFT and THIS have " marched ahead of many Trusts in the country already. She added: " We continue to push the boundaries to ensure that we provide a digital solution for almost all elements of clinical care, whether it be in or out of the hospital setting or linking acute with primary care and vice versa."

Rob Hodge from “We would like to congratulate Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust for achieving a maximum CDMI score of 95. The Digital Health Intelligence CDMI Ranking benchmarks core clinical systems across Acute, Mental Health and Community Trusts, using a scoring matrix designed to identify those NHS organisations who are leading the way in digital technology adoption, innovation and transformation."

Comms has been out and about asking colleagues how they feel about how EPR is transforming care. Some colleagues don't like some aspects such as navigation and some colleagues suggest further refining is necessary and there are too many drugs choices, but overall it was very positive.

Here are some of the comments we collected:

Debra Adams Advanced Clinical Practicioner - " Accessible, upto date information. Which is easy to read and understand."

Eleanor Nastini, Pharmacy technician - "We don’t have to fight over notes we all have access at the same time."

Chloe Knott , Ward Clerk - "All notes are accessible in one places and easy to find patient results and information cant be lost."

Louise Hill, Ward Clerk - "EPR has given faster access to patients records. It has allowed faster access to updating and clarifying patient opportunities."

Gabrielle Sulich Advanced Clinical Practicioner - "Expedited patient care by way of having timely access to up to date patients records, safety of prescribing  is improved." 

Rebecca Nolan, Trainee Nursing Associate - "Accurate, real time and easy accessible documentation."

Amy Firth, Sister - "Easy to document, easier to read than written documentation. Medications are clear to see and you can see what time they were last given – leading to safer care for patients." 

Rose Wheeler – Clinical pharmacist. - "Easier to remotely review medication from dispensary to allow for safer dispensing and quicker resolution of queries on discharge. One difficulty is when the task firring cascade fails and the TTO task doesn’t reach pharmacy."

Jade, Sister - "All documentation in one place. Everyone can access notes at same time. No issue with legible documentation."

Bev Noble, Maternity ward clerk. - "Love the speed! Feel more in control than on paper." 

CRI Midwife - "Cerner makes viewing blood results easy and quick."  

Rob Birkinshaw, A&E consultant - "Good for looking at patients' previous histories."

Diane Ashton, Trusted Assessor-  “I can see everything I need to support care homes in making decisions”

Cath Varley, Discharge co-ordinator - “We have access to much more information now. All our information is in one place. It’s fantastic”.


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