We're really chuffed to have Michelle Edwards on our wards - 30 years since she started nursing. (pictured then and now)

Michelle, joined a return to practice course with us last September and is currently working as a staff nurse on ward 15 at HRI. Here's more about her in our latest Hello My Name Is....

Background:  "I have had senior jobs in health care, and I used my nursing management skills when I was a landlady, believe it or not, it’s so similar.

How would you sum it up? It's challenging, fun and unpredictable!"


What did you want to be growing up? A far cry from wanting to be a glamorous air hostess as a child.


Favourite Place: My favourite place is North Cyprus, I lived there for a couple of years. I have very fond memories of baking pies which I do at home in my spare time.


Tell us something unusual about you. My PIN was re-registered 30 years ago to the week that my original PIN was registered with the NMC.


Who's your hero/heroine. I always wanted to be like Tina Turner. She just kept getting up and getting on. I think I have picked up that characteristic. My favourite saying is “Just do it”.   


Victoria Sillitoe explains all about Return to Practice  (RTP) at CHFT. 

"It provides qualified healthcare professionals with lapsed registration an opportunity to update their knowledge, skills and competencies enabling them to return to the register.  We offer employment whilst completing this course with the view that that individual then takes up permanent employment on completion of the course.  We consider the applicants preferences and we try to match them to an area in which they have experience or a preferred area. We work closely with Bradford University who provide the academic part of the course and this is delivered over 11 weeks. 


"Whilst undertaking the course RTP nurses work in their allocated area alongside a mentor to build their confidence and practice clinical skills.  The clinical education team provide support to the RTP nurse and the ward area throughout the process offering visits, forums and 1:1 support.  At the end of the course the nurse reregisters with the NMC and is once again able to practice as a nurse independently in the UK.  The clinical education team support this transition with a full induction and preceptorship programme, encouraging continued learning and development."


If anyone would like to know more about the RTP course and what we offer here at CHFT they can contact the team on 01484 342942 or take a look at Bradford University's website.