It's that time of the year when all Trusts are celebrating their midwives and nurses. Both International Nurses Day and Midwives day are always held in May - the month of  Florence Nightingale's birthday.

We plan to have tea trolley rounds and biccies for nurses and midwives on those days.

Ward sister, Andrea Moore, pictured now and in black and white back in 1985 (see full photo line up of all the trainees below) when she started training, has special plans and her goal for this International Nurses Day is to lose enough weight to get into her dress uniform. 

She's done brilliantly losing 1st 5 lbs since Feb - but never wants to see an avocado again - and thanks her team for allowing her to sniff their chocolates and cakes during this time!.

Andrea - 4th left -said: "There will be belts, buckles, capes and hats galore and the preparations are in full-swing. Plus to help celebrate all our fabulous international nurses, 7ad will be putting on a positively delectable food selection.

"And to mark the fact that in 1974, Florence Nightingale's birthday was officially recongnised as International Nurses Day, ward 7bc's food theme will have a retro 1970s twist."

Their Nurses Day will be on Monday May 13 - a day late -  which marks the start of Stroke Awareness Week.

We know our colleagues love to celebrate both Midwives Day on the 5th of May and IND on the 12th, so tell us what your wards and departments are doing.  Email and we'll share your celebrations.

And why not follow us on Twitter? @CHFTNHS and tag us into your celebrations with the hashtag #NursesDay.


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