Linda Chapman has left the Trust after to a working for the Trust for what would have been 21 years this November.  Linda has taken semi- retirement but is also going to work part time as a home help, get plenty of walking in and spend time with her grandchildren.

Linda started at the old Halifax Infirmary on Surgical Outpatients, then moved to the old General Hospital where she worked on Gynaecology Outpatients for a time ,as well as working in Medical Outpatients working for Dr Verma and Dr Wright.  Over the last 18 month Linda has worked as Clerical Officer in Outpatients Clinic Prep within the Records Services department under the Outpatients and Records Directorate.

Records Services Manager, Jackie Sellars, said: "Linda told me she has worked with a lovely team of girls and made new friends and old ones who she will also miss.

"We wish Linda the very best for the future and hope she thoroughly enjoys her new venture."