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When Becky and Bryde met Paul the Weatherman? read our latest Great Mates at CHFT story.

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Here's the second in our occasional Great Mates at CHFT series.  It's not just all about work when we come in to CHFT. Many of us are lucky that our colleagues also become some of our closest friends and this is something to celebrate and treasure.

Here, our Web Development Team Leader Becky Johnson, left   and Web Developer Bryde Town share the reasons behind their special  friendship. They are pictured  together in Brighouse when they bumped into BBC Look North's Paul the Weatherman when he was fundraising for Children in Need. 

When did you first meet and where?

Becky - August 2012 – Broad Lea House, Bradley, though I can’t remember exact date!

Bryde - August 2012 when I was on student placement

What struck you first about them?

Becky - She was tiny in comparison to me ha,ha,ha. Then it was that she was actually a really friendly girl, because in the web development industry until that point, coders had always been a bit timid.

Bryde - She was so kind and helpful even though I wasn’t doing the same job and she was so welcoming. It was very scary starting my first ever proper job, but Becky made me feel at home!

Why do you get on so well?

Becky - Because we know when to take each other seriously and when we can take the mick out of each other. I don’t think I have many other mates who I know would be there for me in a second

Bryde - I think we both have a very similar mind set. We are both on the same page about a lot of things and really serious about our jobs but at the same time we have a lot of fun together

Is there a standout moment when they were there for you?

Becky - Gosh there has been so many. Recently I’ve struggled with balancing the organisation needed at work with organising a wedding and honeymoon outside of work and she’s recognised that. She knows exactly when I’m having a bad day and steps up taking off me what she can even when she doesn’t need to. (And she’s organising my Hen do! What a star!)

Bryde - As my team leader she’s always there for me not just on a personal level as a friend but as a boss looking out for me and helping me

Name their three best qualities.

Becky - 1.Says it like it is, doesn’t sugar coat anything but delivers it in a nice way. 2. Caring nature – always conscious of people around her and always there for you 3. Her banter – rarely a day without a laugh!

Bryde - selfless – she always thinks of others before herself. Organisation skills have to come in here she is honestly down to a T the most organised person I know she has spreadsheets for everything! Loyal – she is a loyal friend and always there when I need her.

How do they impress you at work?

Becky - That she continues to remain cool even when I’m piling the work on her. She just takes everything in her stride and will even take on more.

Bryde - Again her organisational skills are second to none, managing a team and her own work while building new websites is incredible and also her calmness, no matter what is going on she takes a positive outlook and always stays calm


**Have you got a great mate you've met at CHFT who you can't imagine life without? Contact Freya in comms on HRI 5253 and you could be in a future edition of CHFT Weekly.

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