We had a great response to our recent governor elections, resulting in contested vacancies in the Nurses / Midwives, Admin / Managerial / Clerical and Ancillary staff groups. 

Below the candidates tell us why you should vote for them.

If you are in one of these groups you will have received a ballot form by e-mail from our elections provider, Mi-Voice last Friday, 7th June. It will have been sent from email address Calderdale and Huddersfield <elections@mi-voice.com>

If you haven’t received it, please check your junk folder first and if it’s not there, contact membership@cht.nhs.uk.

Watch this short video of our Chair, Helen Hirst, explaining why it’s important to vote.

Don’t miss your chance to vote!

Nurses / Midwives nominees:

Louise Harris

I am passionately committed to raising awareness and making a difference around how staff and patients with mental health conditions are supported on the wards.

Moses Kandula

I will be a common man within the group to know and do what people needed.


Tom Ladlow

As nursing/midwifery staff governor I will ensure your voice is heard, I promise to be an advocate for all and promote quality patient care.

Victoria Matundan

I am dedicated, compassionate, caring, committed nursing staff of CHFT who aim to support the trust for the betterment of healthcare service of the community.

Admin / Managerial / Clerical nominees:

Mel Butterworth

I feel I'd be useful as I'm caring and an excellent communicator. I listen to all patients, ensuring they get the help they need.

Debi Johnson

To be that voice, to listen and be heard and to hold others accountable to improve outcomes and equity for all people.

Sarah Rothery

I would like to hear and represent the voices of administration, clerical and managerial colleagues in decision making that shapes the future of our Trust.

Ancillary nominees:

Zalekha Bibi

I always keep others best interest in mind and try my best to provide the best care.

Julie Pryce

I believe people have the right to speak up on issues that concern them and I am prepared to be their voice.

Top row: Mel, Debi and Sarah

Bottom row: Louise, Moses, Tom and Victoria

There were no photos submitted for Zalekha or Julie