Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is an established national initiative, where we’re all encouraged to have a conversation to support patients and colleagues in considering health behaviour changes such as stopping smoking, drinking less, losing weight or getting more active.

It’s also a huge passion of Surgical Matron, Sarah Wallwork, and has been included in our Nursing and Midwifery Ambitions for the next five years. Sarah has organised a Making Every Contact Count Week here at CHFT, which starts today.

Sarah said: “Our colleagues have so many day-to-day contacts with the patients, carers and colleagues and MECC is fundamentally about having a two-minute chat with someone about their general health and wellbeing and giving them the nudge they need to make a real change.

MECC is not about setting up a treatment plan or making a referral, but providing the community we serve with education, information and signposting so they can seek support and take action to improve their own health and wellbeing. It's really that simple. 

“I’m keen to find like-minded colleagues who can see the positive long-term benefits of MECC and to become a Champion like me. So, if I miss seeing you on my walk rounds, please do contact me if you feel you can support spreading awareness in your area.”

There will be a stand in the main entrance at HRI this week and Sarah is aiming to visit as many wards and departments at both sites as possible. Resources have been sent to our community teams and Sarah is encouraging anyone to contact her about how you can deliver MECC successfully in your areas.

There is also plenty of information and resources about MECC on our intranet page which can be accessed through Non-Clinical Information tab.