Dragon VR is a great tool that can benefit both our patients, clinicians and our administrative teams.  It allows clinicians to dictate as they would normally using Winscribe, capturing immediate thoughts and findings in real-time.

It can be modified to include medical secretaries if attachments need to be sent or actions carried out. It saves time having to log back in to return and approve typed dictations. This means a faster turnaround time for clinic letters, which benefits our patients by ensuring that the information they need, including new medications and medication changes, are received in a safe timeframe. 

It lightens the workload for our admin colleagues, decreases the high volume of calls chasing letters, freeing up their time for other important tasks such as patient pathway management.  It improves efficiency, and streamlines the administrative process making it more efficient.   You can also add shortcuts of regularly used phrases or paragraphs, you can add medication names so that it picks these up, and it adapts quickly to your voice, making it more personable.

Here’s what colleagues are saying about voice recognition

“Voice recognition is proving to be increasingly useful and more present within the everyday working of the Emergency Department. It brings great benefits to both patients and staff members by improving efficiency and accuracy of clinical documentation, streamlining how we interact with a patient EPR by enabling us to verbally input data rather than manual typing”. Head Nurse for Medicine, Emergency Department, Thomas Ladlow.

“As a non-clinical user of VR it is invaluable as it allows me to dictate and address issues such as complaints faster which creates a much-needed resolution for the patient”.  Deputy Director of Operations, Medical Division, Jason Bushby.

 “I have found Dragon easy to use, and it has saved me time waiting for my clinic letters to be typed”. IBD Clinical Nurse Specialist,  Lynne Mansfield.

“I have found it extremely useful as have my Gastroenterology colleagues and also most non-medical staff within Gastro who use it. It has also reduced my admin as do not have to sign off letters later.”  Consultant and Clinical Director, IMS,  Sunil Sonwalkar.

 “I for one couldn’t manage without dragon for CAS clinic, A+G, reports/e-mails etc. I plan to start using it for clinic letters.”  Consultant, Acute Medicine, Rob Moisey.

Find out more on our intranet:

Voice Recognition - CHFT Intranet (cht.nhs.uk) – intranet page

https://training.this.nhs.uk – book your training

VR: Training Video | Digital Health Training (youtube.com) – training video

We will also have 'Dragon Divas' allocated to support :-

  • Debbie Whiteley
  • Mollie Wright
  • Nikki Burn
  • Cheryl Cadwell
  • Cynthia Edwards
  • Victoria Jackson
  • Tegan Joseph