Quality and Governance Manager, Jane Frost, retired last week after more than 40 years working in healthcare. Her last day of work also happened to be her 60th birthday and her colleagues threw her a special party to celebrate both occasions.

Jane was inspired to become a nurse after her brother suffered a catastrophic stroke when he was just 20 years old. She supported and cared for him during this time, until he was once again able to live independently.

She began her official nursing career in 1982, starting as an Enrolled Nurse after training at HRI and worked across the Orthopaedic Wards.  She moved to the Day Surgery Unit in 1995 to work as a Sister and helped set up the service as there had never been a Day Surgery Unit before. Jane worked with architects to plan the brand new unit, recruited staff into the unit and helped create new and innovative techniques to enable patients to be discharged the same day.

In 2003, Jane became one of the first Modern Matrons and helped lead the way with the 10 key responsibilities and the Matron's Charter in 2004.

In her retirement, Jane plans to visit Mauritius, Barbados and go island hopping in Greece. We wish Jane the best of luck on her travels and thank her for her dedication to nursing.