The next Kirklees and Calderdale Schwartz Round takes place during the evening of 12th June.  This Round - A Working Carer's Perspective - Why do I continue to come to work? - is linked to Carers' Week and will be held on MS Teams between 18:45 and 20:00.  To reserve a place please see the attached flyer or click on K&C Staff Wellbeing Events.

The struggle of working carers is a significant issue that affects millions of people and the challenges they face are often overlooked.  This Schwartz Round offers working carers a chance to connect, share experiences and find comfort in the knowledge they are not alone, hopefully helping to alleviate some of the stress an isolation that working carers can feel.  This round is NOT just for working carers but will offer a valuable perspective to everyone. 

It will provide a unique opportunity for attendees who may not have caregiving responsibilities to better understand the complexities and demands that their colleagues face.  This shared understanding can lead to a more compassionate workplace and a supportive environment that recognises and accommodates the diverse needs of all employees. 

If you feel you have an experience you would like to share in this, or any future Schwartz Round, or would like any further information, please contact

 Using the link above you will also be able to book onto the following Rounds:

10th September 2024 - 12.15:13.30 - Microsoft Teams

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10th October 2024 - 10.00:13.00 - The John Smith's Stadium "LIVE ROUND"
(linked to World Mental Health Day)

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