Members from our Urogynaecology Team recently attended the annual UK Continence Society Conference in Cheltenham to present their abstract for their nurse-led Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) service.

The conference was an opportunity for Urogynaecology teams from across the country to present their research and findings from the past year to share knowledge. Urogynaecology Specialist Nurses, Jane Hollingworth and Cheryl Mansaf, along with Specialty Registrar, Rebecca Ward, were invited to present this year to explain more about their PTNS audit. Gynaecology Consultant, Tina Verghese, also facilitated with the abstract submission.

Jane said: "PTNS is a treatment provided for patients who have an overactive bladder or bowel. Not all Trusts offer this, so we are proud that CHFT can offer this alternative treatment to patients should other treatments not be suitable or unsuccessful. The audit highlighted that the PTNS treatment achieved a 65% success rate for our patients' bladder and bowel symptoms. Nocturia and frequency were the main areas of improvement.

"We were proud to represent CHFT at the conference and be able to share our knowledge and skills with others.

"The audit demonstrates the effectiveness of PTNS treatment and we are excited to develop the service in the future by trialling patients with TENS machines at home to maintain their symptom improvements"