The Thinking Ahead Programme is an online, seven-week programme. It supports those living with incurable cancer or supporting someone through it.

It supports their quality of life, connects them to support and helps them plan ahead. The programme is open for patients under the care of CHFT, Harrogate, Leeds and Mid Yorkshire Trusts and the next one starts formally tomorrow, Tuesday 14th May.

One patient recently said: "The Thinking Ahead Programme was as important for my mental health as the cancer treatment has been for my physical health. It gave me focus and a sense of worth."

Here’s what some previous patients and family members have said about the Thinking Ahead Course:

  • “I feel so much calmer having done the Thinking Ahead Course and knowing that I am not alone in supporting my husband.”
  • “The course is really about caring for the whole person, rather than being lost as an NHS number.”
  • “All the topics have been useful – I didn’t know what I needed to know.”
  • “It’s so helpful to have the support from lots of knowledgeable staff and to have conversations with other people in a similar situation.”

If you are a healthcare professional caring for a patient with incurable cancer, please encourage them to think about joining the programme. This film has been made to encourage professionals to refer to the Thinking Ahead Programme.

Contact information for patients:

If your patient would like to find out more about the programme or book a place to attend the Thinking Ahead Course, for them or a family member, please contact the Macmillan Information and Support Service on 01484 343614, 01422 222709 or

We also have a page on our website: