Business Continuity Management is a requirement for all NHS organisations to ensure that they can maintain continuity of key services in the face of disruption.

So in Business Continuity Week it's a good opportunity to find out where your Business Continuity Plan is kept. Do you know what it says and what your responsibilities are?  If you aren't sure your team leader or manager will help you.

During Business Continuity Week,  all divisional services are being asked to check that their Business Continuity Plans and supporting Business Impact Analysis documents are up-to-date, or at a point of being reviewed and pending approval. 

They may also consider running a business continuity exercise.  We have a readily prepared Energy Resilience Business Continuity exercise that you may find helpful. You'll find them on our dedicated intranet pages.

If you do run an exercise, please let Sarah Rothery or Karen Bates know so it can be recorded.