Our latest Star Award winner is Ward 8C Sister, Angela Jackson, for her care and compassion toward a patient who was nearing the end of their life.

Angela was nominated by ENT Nurse Practitioner, Catherine Hawkes, who said: "Angela regularly works with tracheostomy patients and understands difficult issues that arise. We recently received a patient with significant issues regarding a head and neck cancer diagnosis, whose prognosis was extremely poor.

"The patient was unable to speak with the tracheostomy tube he had in place, and it was considered extremely difficult to replace. Angela asked myself and my colleague to review. However, the patient (despite the risks involved in changing the tube) simply wanted to speak.

"Angela and I discussed the risks involved and we were reluctant, but she later assisted in this patient's care, which she could have refused to do.

"She acknowledged that the patient simply wanted to speak to his family despite the risks, and was willing to facilitate this for him. We all discuss having freedom to speak, but for some of our head and neck cancer patients, they cannot. I feel Ang helped to provide that for this patient. This patient was able to literally speak… and say goodbye."

Deputy Chief Executive, Rob Aitchison, was able to deliver Angela her Star Award last week. After receiving her award Angela said: "I was really surprised, I felt like I was just doing my job at the time and putting the patient first. But it's lovely to be recognised as we don't always get the recognition, thank you."

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