If your ID badge hasn’t been used for six months or more to enter or leave a ward area or department, it will have been disabled as part of our work to improve security measures.

There are three steps to getting your ID badge reinstated

  1. You, or your manager will need to complete an ID Badge Reinstatement Form, which will be checked by our Workforce Business Intelligence Team
  2. Once they have checked our HR records, an email will be sent to the CHFT email address given on the form
  3. Take a copy of the email, this can be printed or shown on a works device, to one of our drop-ins with your ID badge and it will be reinstated

Drop-in days and times

Every Monday and Wednesday between 10:00 and 10:30 in Ingleton Falls at CRH, or Corridor 6 at HRI (go through the Café 1831 coffee shop and turn right).

You can find the form on the new starter pages of the intranet. Or just search ID Badge in the top right of the intranet.