Our rollout of the eCDR (electronic Controlled Drugs Register) at HRI is almost complete*, as Theatre Recovery, Day Case and Main Theatres are the latest areas now using it.

Clinical Director of Pharmacy, Lis Street, said: “Huge thanks to Assistant Technical Officer Susan Walker, Pharmacy Technician Liam Sharp and Non-Clinical Admin Manager Carol Pinder.

“Susan, Liam and Carol were on hand to assist theatre staff during the go live process. Susan even checked in with them over the weekend (on her day off) to make sure they were okay. I think she has enjoyed working with our theatre colleagues so much she now wants to work there herself!

“This new digitalised system has saved time by ensuring the prompt administration of pain medicines to patients and improves compliance with controlled drugs regulations.

“Also thank you so much to colleagues in the various theatre departments, they have been so welcoming and supportive of this project.”

Training for staff at CRH will be taking place from Monday, 4th December.

*The ED Team will have their training alongside those at CRH.