Healthcare Assistant, Margaret Thompson has retired after 49 years in the NHS. She has made a "phenomenal impact" on Ward 5, on both her colleagues and her patients.  

She began her NHS career in the catering department at St Luke's Hospital, before switching over to a clinical role. She wanted a job which would allow her to help and care for people, as this is her passion. She moved to work in Blackpool, but soon returned. She just can't stay away!

Ward Manager, Paula Grice said: "Margaret has only worked on Ward 5 for a year but the impact she has had in that time has been phenomenal. Her dedication to the team and our patients is something extraordinary and we are incredibly grateful to her. Margaret's ethos on caring for patients will forever be with us."

Margaret will be sorry to leave Ward 5 and said: "It's such a nice ward, everybody works as a team here and they're all so caring and devoted to each other, and to the patients. They have really taken me under their wing."

Her plans after retiring? "A lot of walking!"