Here’s Lead Colorectal Clinical Nurse Specialist, Paula Pickersgill with her mum, Mary – who have between them given 264 pints of blood.

Paula took her mum as a guest to a presentation lunch at Pontefract Racecourse as she's now clocked up a 104 pints - slightly behind her mum's figure of 162.

Paula said: “I started giving blood at 18 having watched my mum do the same. She had to give up more than 10 years ago because she started thyroxin, and she said it was like ‘cutting her right arm off’ as she loved going.

“I know there is a shortage of younger donors, but it only takes about an hour to do. You can pick where you donate but one of the best bits is the mint club biscuit!

“Lots of things have changed over the years but now you get to find out where your blood is sent. My last pint went to Leicester Royal infirmary, but it’s often more local.

“I would encourage anyone to give it certainly gives you a feel good feeling especially when you know it’s being used. At the presentation a lady with Sickle cell disease talked about the importance of donations. She has up to 8 units every two to three months and she was so grateful to the donors.

“So download the The NHS Give Blood App and try it out!”