Maggie Flynn is championing end-of-life care at CHFT and says: “It is a privilege to care for someone at the end of their life and we need to ensure we deliver compassionate care to the best of our ability.“

She has drawn up a series of impactful posters for ward 5 at HRI where she has been for the past 15 months, having worked at the Trust for more than 20 years. Previously she had been on ward 6 which was medical elderly and changed to short stay which joined forces with the acute floor.

She says: “Due to my vast experience, end-of-life is something that I have been involved with throughout my career. Coming to ward 5 was a new challenge for me and I wanted to make a difference in a way that I haven't previously before.  Not one individual thing is important when delivering end of life care. It is important to get everything right as it is some of the last things you will be involved in for a patient and their family.”

Gillian Sykes, end of life care facilitator, says of Maggie “She is an absolute star!”

Maggie adds of her work: “I felt it was important to shine some light on end-of-life care and the numerous things we can provide to both patient and their relatives to make the experience as positive as possible. I found it a privilege to become an end-of-life champion, to be able to complete the board and have the opportunity to showcase everything we can provide.”

The role has been relaunched and Maggie’s story is aimed to be the first of a series.