If you have old or unused CHFT kit knocking around, bring it down to the IT Offices at HRI or CRH and they’ll pass it on for recycle or re-use. Drop-off sessions are happening Wednesday, 31st May and Thursday, 1st June. 

Items that can be dropped off include: charging leads, docking stations, tablets, mice, monitors, keyboards, mobile phones and battery packs. Unfortunately, any equipment from outside of CHFT won't be accepted.

The IT Offices will be open from 09:30 until 16:00 on both days. At HRI, the office is on sub basement floor, past Southside Dining. At the end of the corridor turn right and take the first flight of small steps. The room is then on the left – look for the signage.

At CRH, the IT Office is on the ground floor, past Ingleton Falls on your right. At the end of the corridor turn right and then take the first left (towards old entrance). The office is the second door on the right, the door will be open on the day to any drop offs. 

Equipment is also available for collection, please email Asif.ahmed@this.nhs.uk for this.