NHS Employers has developed a new series of posters to help NHS staff to understand what the pay deal means for each individual pay grade.

A poster has been produced for each band of the Agenda for Change pay scale. They have set out the new basic salary for each pay point, as well as the value of the one-off payments that staff can expect to receive in June: their 2022/23 non-consolidated payments and the back pay from their 2023/24 pay uplift.

Please note: The figures used are based on a full-time equivalent role, and have been provided before any deductions for tax, National Insurance or pension contributions.

See all the posters on their website: What the AfC pay deal means for each pay band | NHS Employers

REMINDER - You can receive your back-pay in installments? Act by Sunday 4 June

The Government and Trade Unions recognise that it may be preferable for some colleagues to receive the totality of the 2022/2023 non-consolidated payments in multiple instalments (i.e. paid across several months) rather than together in a single month’s pay. An example of this might be where colleagues receive Universal Credit payments, where any changes to monthly income will directly impact the value of these payments.

Any colleague wishing to receive the 2022/2023 non-consolidated payment in multiple instalments should complete the form in the link below by Sunday 4 June 2023.


The payment period cannot be extended beyond the 2023/2024 financial year and therefore the maximum number of instalments is 10 months (June 2023 to March 2024).

It is important to note that once colleagues have informed the Trust of their intention to receive the non-consolidated payment in instalments, this cannot be changed at a later date.

Similarly, the Trust can’t agree to requests from colleagues to change the nature of the payment once it has already been paid as a single lump sum in June 2023 pay.

You do not need to contact us if you are happy to receive your payment in one lump sum.

Any further enquiries about this matter should be submitted to ask.hr@cht.nhs.uk