As part of the NHS's 75th birthday celebrations, a special service to give thanks to all in the NHS will be held at Westminster Abbey on 5th July and five of our colleagues, who have in the past won a CHuFT monthly Star Award or were a winner at the annual CHuFT Awards, have been nominated to attend.

Our driver and CHFT’s Mr Children in Need, Barry Ackroyd, who's been with the Trust for 18 years, said: “I am actually quite chuffed that someone nominated me to go. That’s nice, isn’t it? I’ll try for a selfie with the King, or Kate, maybe. I like a challenge!”

Healthcare Support Worker Lead, Rebecca Beaumont "I’m CHuFT to have the honour of representing CHFT for the 75th birthday celebrations at Westminster Abbey. I’m sure it will be an event I’ll never forget!"

Domestic assistant, Keith Bryan, now nicknamed "Lord Bryan" by his colleagues, has said he's "chuffed to bits, and a bit shocked, to be nominated to go to Westminster. It is something very special to look forward to."

Maternity Support Worker, Kulwant Kaur is "overwhelmed" at having been nominated, saying she is "truly blessed to belong in a group that acknowledges my work and achievement. This has given me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent CHFT at the Westminster Abbey Celebrations"

Matron, Rachel Garside has also been nominated, stating her shock after receiving the news of her nomination. "I was really surprised when Suzanne rang to tell me I had been chosen. It should be an amazing day, I feel proud to represent the trust."

We're sure they'll have a lovely day, just like the rest of the NHS will as we celebrate.