On Tuesday, 6th June a new way of prescribing gentamicin using the ONCE daily Hartford protocol will go live. The aim of this change is to improve gentamicin prescribing.

What will change?

With the correct information entered, EPR will calculate the correct dose of gentamicin for you.

What do I need to do?

  • HCA’s, nurses and prescribers:
    • Ensure that gender, height, weight, IBW (ideal body weight) and creatinine level are documented within the correct EPR fields for this current encounter (the gentamicin dose cannot be calculated without this information)
  • Prescribers:
    • Ensure Problems and Diagnosis on the EPR are up to date.
    • If Problems and Diagnosis are not up to date, the system will be unable to provide advice regarding the patient’s eligibility for gentamicin using the ONCE daily Hartford protocol.

For further information, including a five minute training video and updated prescribing/administration guidelines, please see dedicated information here (this will also be available via an intranet banner).