From Tuesday 9 May, please be aware that there will be changes to inpatient pharmacy opening hours, with both sites now closing at 5pm.

During Covid, we extended opening hours to 6pm to support patient flow. We will now be reverting to our original opening hours.

From Tuesday 9 May:

  • TTOs needed for same day discharge need to be sent to pharmacy before 4.30pm
  • MDSs/TTOs requiring compliance aids need to be sent to pharmacy before 3pm
  • An on-call pharmacist will be available for both sites (contacted via switchboard) from 5pm until 8.30am. They are on call for urgent advice and where critical meds required, not for routine TTO provision. They are not resident overnight and will be in work the following day, so please contact them only in emergencies

Please do your best to get TTOs processed early in the day (or ideally, the day before discharge).

For further information, please contact Katherine Cullen at: